Our Cities, Their Tech, Whose Future?

Main Stage

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Case Study

DemocracyXchange asks:

From clamouring to get Amazon to set up its next headquarters here in the T-Dot, to the much-ballyhooed news that Alphabet’s (aka Google’s) new favorite child SideWalk Labs is setting up shop in the Waterfront to experiment with city-building, Toronto has been in the spotlight lately as the city most eager to please tech monopolies. But how far should cash-starved cities bend to the will of these tech giants? And can we find common ground between the profits they think they can make and the public good we hope we all still want to protect?

Our Session Responds:

We said we wanted to be cross-partisan, politics-positive and discourse-driven? Well, this session will deliver these in spades as Waterfront Toronto welcomes voices across the democracy activism sector into its latest SideWalk Toronto project. That includes hearing from the Open Data Institute espouse data sovereignty, and from the activists in New York who got Sidewalk Labs to back down on some of their most contentious privacy policies when they installed the first sets of LinkNYC terminals in Manhattan. This session will feature three ten-minute hot lightning talks followed by a plenary that allows our speakers to respond to each other’s ideas, projects and insights.

Session Schedule: (please note talks of titles may change)

Talk 1: City-building with compassion — Christopher McKinnon
Talk 2: Smart Cities Are Open Cities — Dr. Pamela Robinson
Talk 3: Fighting Google a hundred terminals at a time — Adsila Amani, ReThinkLink.nyc
Super panel moderated by Ana Serrano