Design Thinking Isn’t Just for Elites

Main Stage

11:15 am - 12:15 pm

Case Study

DemocracyXchange asks:

Sometimes, when we’re downright cynical, we banter that “design-thinking” has become yet another practice that’s been co-opted to serve big brands, big corporations and big government.  But just what if we could reclaim design-thinking and make it work for us again?

Our Session Responds:

Toronto’s best kept secret the Parkdale People’s Economy Project tells us how they wrestled design into serving them, their way, for their needs. The PPE is a collaborative community project that includes 20+ partner agencies and organizations in Parkdale who have seized control over their futures in ways we don’t see often enough in our communities. This session will feature three ten-minute lightning talks followed by a plenary that allows our speakers to respond to each other’s ideas, projects and insights.

Session Schedule: (please note talks of titles may change)

Talk 1:  Building the first community land trusts in Toronto — Tish Carnat and Sonam Yangzom
Talk 2:  Food Security for All  — Jason McKinney
Talk 3:  Mindfulness Service Delivery — Tita Angangco
Super panel moderated by Victor Willis