Reimagining Government Through Civic Technology

Room B

11:15 am - 12:15 pm

Case Study

DemocracyXchange asks:

Ok so yes, Silicon Valley did become close bedfellows with Washington and the Hill’s culture may have changed to be more lean. But is that what we want to emulate around the world, including in our backyard, Canada? Where does the civic in civic tech begin, and where does it end?

Our Session Responds:

Governments will increasingly need to be more open not just to innovation but also to more stakeholders participating in more of government’s business, like maybe even citizens. See how ordinary folks collaborated together to see how technology can solve some civic problems, hear from Ontario’s new Chief Digital Officer on what digital government means in this province and engage with the new public engagement professionals working with both government and citizens to solve some of our most wicked problems. This session will feature three ten-minute lightning talks followed by a plenary that allows our speakers to respond to each other’s ideas, projects and insights.

Session Schedule: (please note talks of titles may change)

Talk 1: The birth of Toronto’s civic tech movement — Charles Finley
Talk 2: Government Digital Service: the 2nd Chapter — Hillary Hartley
Talk 3: A new kind of public engagement — Amy Lang
Super panel moderated by Karim Bardeesy