Reconciliation in the 21st Century

Room B

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Case Study

DemocracyXchange asks:

With people like Conrad Black writing editorials in national newspapers it’s a wonder we can even talk of reconciliation. There is no moving towards a consistent story of the past with that one. But perhaps we need to think of reconciliation as more atonement for sins committed. Who atones on behalf of Canada, who gets to forgive, how, in what ways – big questions that we are happy to see get asked more seriously this time.

Our Session responds:

Hear from our session participants about the different ways in which they think about reconciliation and work towards a future for indigenous nations. This session will feature three ten-minute lightning talks followed a plenary that allows our speakers to respond to each other’s ideas, projects and insights. The session is as follows (please note titles of talks may change):

Session Schedule: (please note titles of talks may change)

Talk 1: Taking Control of the Digital Divide — Alexander Dirksen
Talk 2: Youth Leading the Way — Max FineDay
Talk 3: Collaborating from the Ground Up — Kluane Adamek
Super panel moderated by Lenny Carpenter