Communities, Our Rights and the Law

Room B

10:00 am - 11:00 am

Case Study

DemocracyXchange asks:

When you lose your voice from protesting, when you just can’t give out one more flyer or make one more call, when it seems like the only way forward is through the system, how do we go on? These legal eagles really should be seen as legal angels. Hidden, unsung heroes, we want to know from them how to make legal work for us.

Our Session Responds:

Whether they fight for the rights of refugees or persons with disabilities, these diverse lawyers will share with us their thoughts, campaigns and projects associated with keeping the civic and political spheres accessible to all. This session will feature three ten-minute lightning talks followed by a plenary that allows our speakers to respond to each other’s ideas, projects and insights.

Session Schedule: (please note talks of titles may change)

Talk 1: Refugees, immigrants, communities and the law — Jamil Jivani
Talk 2: From the ACLU litigation trenches — Esha Bhandari
Talk 3: Accessibility, Disability and Community Organizing — Tess Sheldon
Super panel moderated by Sabreena Delhon